New Start Project appreciates the generosity of donors like you to help fuel our mission. Through the donations we receive from both individuals and business partners, New Start Project and our volunteers are able to support and assist re-entry residents during the difficult process of reintegration, allowing them to focus on a future of independence and a stable, productive future. Help with Job Searches, Education, Transportation, Food and Clothing as well as peer support are keys to making this happen. Our “NSP” family is free, we just wish it all could be.


Due to the generosity of those who have donated to New Start Project, we have been able to touch the lives of over 1000 program participants and thier families without prejudice and offer the support they needed at a time when they needed it most but, we have so much more to do still. With a variety of ways to offer your support, New Start Project appreciates every contribution that is made, big or small – because every dollar counts & every person matters.


With your financial support and the dedication and commitment of friends and volunteers, our organization will continue to try to make a difference in our community as we support those who most need it at a time when they most need it.


We don’t give hand-outs. We give hand-UPS!


All of your generous donations may be mailed to:

New Start Project
42 Seaverns Avenue
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(Please make all checks payable to: New Start Project)

** OR **

Click the link posted below to Donate using your credit or debit card: