NSP Progress Report


 People Reached To Date: 974

Founded: May, 2013

108 Individual Donors

Grant Funding: $37,000

Individual Donations: $ 6,616.18

In-kind Donations: $913.00

Total Contribution: $44,529.18


  To date New Start Project has educated and empowered OVER 250 people through job REFERRAL AND PLACEMENT, mentoring, AND policy advocacy through NSP events AND PROGRAMS including: master builders empowerment Mentoring group, organizational leadership Training, After Incarceration community Forum, legislator engagement workshops, and brockton CORI JOB FAIR.

Nsp has educated over 100 re-entry RESIDENTS AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS IN THE Greater Boston AREA on the detrimental community effects of crime and incarceration,Massachusetts Legislator process and best practices in engaging THEIR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES, Collected over 500 signatures for the jobs not jails campaign, Nsp has REFEREED  OR PLACED 28 PEOPLE IN PART TIME AND FULL TIME job POSITIONS.HIV/Hepatitis C Awareness, Job Preparedness resources, and employment referrals.


           New Start Project Partners:

New Start Project

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>Notre Dame Education Center,


Operation A.B.L.E. of Greater Boston | Providing Training and Employment Services for Mature Workers since 1982

>Ending Mass Incarceration Together

EMIT is a task force of UU Mass Action Network

               ”EMIT is a task force of Unitarian Universalist of Mass Action”

>Future hope apprenticeship program



Project Operation Change:





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